Journey to South Africa, part I

So, me and my friend Jaime decided to take a reporting trip to South Africa. As we planned it, the need arised for good rugged backpacks to last us through the journey and beyond. After browsing the web for information, we stumbled on the Rangermade website, where a page was dedicated to how to choose the best tactical backpack, which was exactly what we needed. After all preparations were made and our tickets purchased, off we went.

From the air, Pretoria and Johannesburg seem residential cities, American style, completely flat and square, with magnificent houses with swimming pools and surrounded by vegetation. But grey spots of illegal camps are also visible, with shabby shacks that resemble cemeteries from the plane. These are cities full of contrasts, where wealth and poverty go hand in hand.

We landed at noon time at the Jan Smuts airport of Johannesburg and it took us longer than is desirable to cross the customs. Read the rest