Backpacking Tips for Hunting in Africa

The backpack or rucksack is an item of the utmost importance for hunting. You wear it all day for exploration, preparation and the hunting itself. In choosing one, you detect your needs and select a model that is comfortable, waterproof, noiseless and convenient. A camouflage pattern color is preferable but not essential.

A thing to keep in mind when getting a backpack is that not all hunting backpacks are fit for all the types of hunting, so all you need is a weapon to hunt, and you can get a weapons license to be able to use guns legally, while you can also get an mp sprt 2 scope for your gun, so your hunt goes even better. There are several things to keep into account:

– the length of the trip. A day or several days, a week to a few weeks; whether you are going to return to camp every day; all that determines the type of backpack. Read the rest

A New Region 100% Frenchy!

Inwent-Iij: Luc Escoute, you’ve come to take on an area of hunting in South Africa, Koedoeskop, can you tell us about this beautiful project?

Luc Escoute: I grew up and worked in Africa for more than 20 years. Lovers of nature and hunting, we wanted, with my two associated, French also, to open a territory of great African game to beginner hunters as well as experienced, in a totally unspoilt environment.

The field of Koedoeskop, [kuduskop], literally, in Afrikaans, “the Hill with Kudus”, acquired in early 2014, has not been used in a commercial manner for nearly 15 years which explains its exceptional diversity (and quantity) of game.

The most important thing for us is to offer an authentic African hunting experience, as close to the wild life as possible. Despite the substantial size of the area (3600ha) we favor above all a sports hunting, without locationing or terrain vehicles.

Unusually for a domain of southern Africa, we have several distinct habitats: wide river bed surrounded by acacias, bushland, hills and mountains with dense vegetation, each with their flora and their specific game. Read the rest