Inaugurating the ‘Photography’ category on our blog

Photography implies being able to choose. Photography is a social phenomenon. From your passport photo to photographs of ceremonies or holidays, reports, postcards, advertising, art photography,… both the digital and analogue photography take on a great function of documentation, interpretation, of historical and social and anthropological memory. Photography is part of the collective and family life.

In families where there are children, we generally take more pictures. There are many occasions that find us camera in hand. In recent years, with the transition from film photography to digital, the use of cameras has dramatically increased. The digital camera is already part of a device we all hold in our pockets: the mobile phone.

Photography, unlike other artistic activities such as music, painting, etc, is affordable for everyone. However, in order to get results of a certain value, one needs some technical knowledge. Giving way to this newly found hobby of ours, we are opening a new category titled properly “photography” and will have frequent posts on news and general training in this area. Read the rest